We set up CHALLENGE 30-31 to provide a series of annual One-Month Wellbeing Challenges that we wanted to establish and run in conjunction with the retreats we are hosting at Maison de Lunel.

Our Mission – we simply want to encourage as many people as possible to feel the benefits of living and loving a healthy lifestyle. We want to inspire as many people as possible to take up our 30 and 31 day challenges and feel the benefits of introducing some small healthy changes to their day.

We launched Juicy July in 2020, when we challenged as many people as possible to have just one fresh juice or smoothie for the 31 days of July.

The response and feedback was overwhelming and that’s what has inspired us to create our latest challenge: ACTIVE APRIL 30 x 30 

Given the backdrop of the last year the need to stay positive, optimistic and in touch with others has become increasingly important. It was clear that when you set yourself a target and make a commitment how much more you can achieve. Furthermore, when you’re making lifestyle changes it’s definitely so much easier when you are part of a like-minded and supportive community. 

Everyone who signs-up, commits and completes our 30-31 Challenges will be entered into a draw to win* a fabulous, rejuvenating 7-Day Juicing and Wellness Retreat at Maison de Lunel in beautiful South West France. 

BY taking part you’re making positive changes to you own health and wellbeing, as well as being an inspiration to others.

With Best Wishes,

Neil & Ross Beckley

*Please ensure that you read The ACTIVE APRIL Terms & Conditions


What we want

For as many people as possible around the world to get involved.


What we Plan

We want to share knowledge and experiences to motivate us all to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more informed about the choices we make.

Do you have any QUESTIONS?

ACTIVE APRIL is all about YOU – being active,
being committed to The Challenge, having fun
and feeling the benefits of just 30 minutes exercise a day.

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